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Keith + Janette's Bad Seed Cider Wedding

March 10, 2017


Janette, Keith and I met in 2015 through a referral from my friend and Janette's brother-in-law, Joe. Joe and I went to school for many years together and I always love when my friends recommend me to their loved ones. Janette and Keith's wedding back drop; Bad Seed Hard Cider. I had never heard of Bad Seed before, but am always very excited to shoot at a new place. Needless to say when I arrived there, I was all smiles. Apple orchard, farm, cider "brewery", outdoors; pretty much all the things that I think would make magical wedding pictures were all here. The only possible setback? The forecast; chance of showers :(


When I arrived where Janette was getting ready, I was welcomed by her grandmother (such a sweetheart) in an incredible setting. I felt like the home was a staged magazine photo shoot. I was very luck to get to shoot there. Downstairs I went to find Janette and all of her bride's maids getting their hair done and laughing and really enjoying themselves. As we were all getting ready to head out to the wedding, I went outside to find the Hudson Valley's best limo driver, Donovan. Donovan actually drove for my wedding and I literally have nothing but amazing things to say about the quality of service Donovan brings to his clients. 


 Once I finally (mega backed up traffic on the way to the wedding. Always have to plan enough time for that kind of stuff) got to Bad Seed, it was time to grab Keith and put him into place for their first look, and I didn't have much time. Janette was right behind me in the limo. They were literally pulling in as I was placing Keith. A sprint back to the parking lot to meet Janette and we were off for the first look. Let's take a quick minute and discuss why I love first looks so much. First and most obvious, we get to do your portraits before the ceremony. That way, you get to enjoy all the delicious food you carefully picked out for your cocktail hour and spend some time with your guests before your reception starts. Second and what I as a photographer find most important, you and your significant other get to see each other for the first time in private. When you're in private for a first look and you see each other for the first time, you're going to react and emote differently with one another and, in my opinion, more honestly and freely than if you're standing in front of 150 people. And that's what makes the best images; you and your loved one being honest and comfortable with each other. See below....there really aren't posed pictures here. Just 2 people naturally loving the heck out of each other.



Right after our first look / portrait session, it was time to get ready for the ceremony. There ceremony was held onsite, right in front of a giant beautiful tree and a pond. The downfall; there were rain showers in the forecast and the clouds were really starting to roll in. But that didn't curb anyone's happiness that day. We were full steam ahead for an outdoor ceremony. Fun fact: my friend Joe all officiated their ceremony! As the ceremony started, so did some rain sprinkles. Off and on though out the ceremony, but never anything concerning or too heavy to stop us from enjoy their beautiful wedding.